Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Last Sunday I attended the baptism of my niece's baby girl - my grand-niece. I still can't believe I can be a great-aunt, despite the fact that I am a grandmother! I remember my great-aunts from years ago and they seemed so elderly and decrepit! Is that really me?

Events like that are so special for the way they connect us with our extended family and weave the threads of love throughout our life's tapestry. Each one of our extended family members brings special gifts to us and adds to our family in a unique way. And watching the family continue to grow as new lives are added - well - it simply confirms the whole idea of family being our safety net during the stormy times of life. We're there for each other when most friends move on - they keep us afloat when we most need a life-preserver.

It was a wonderful thing to be part of, this special event, and I was so glad I was there for it. These are the things that make life a gift. Those threads that strengthen us and make us know the gift of love.

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