Friday, June 28, 2013


The beaches have been fairly empty so far this season but that's about to change now. With July 4th week starting now, the hordes will be arriving and they won't leave until Labor Day. So much for the quiet weeks here in East Hampton!

I think we natives tolerate the months of July and August fairly well here. We've lived with the seasonal nature of our hometown all our lives so we are pretty used to all that goes along with it. Oh we complain and moan and carry on, but its the life we've always known so we deal with it. I remember when I was young and there was no year-round tourist industry here - homes were literally boarded up for the winter and not re-opened until spring, but that's changed and not necessarily for the worse. Many of our week-end residents who come out all year now have become important members of the community who contribute to our local charities both monetarily and with their time and energy, which is made possible by their presence here all year. It's a good thing and we need their energy and we know they love East Hampton too.

So the year round community has changed, but so has the summer one. We are now not dissimilar to the Jersey Shore in that Montauk has become the party capital of the East End and nightclubs are booming there. I seem to remember a day when the summer population was much more subdued and quiet, although maybe - just maybe - I was simply not aware of what was going on in places I never frequented around town.

East Hampton is a great place and its hard to resent others who want to enjoy a piece of it the way we get to all the time. Whether they are homeowners or hotel residents, they come to experience something we often take for granted.

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