Sunday, June 30, 2013


My babies are turning eleven. My first two grandchildren were born within two weeks of each other eleven years ago now and I can barely believe it, the time has gone by so quickly.

Of course my real babies are fast approaching the age of forty now so I don't think it should be surprising that the next generation is in its second decade. But it seems as though time speeds up as we get older and now here we are with grandchildren - nine of them - growing and maturing so fast its almost incomprehensible. From baby to pre-teen in such a short time!

So Daisy and Micah are entering the 6th grade in September, a time I remember very well in my life. Sixth grade was one of those "big" years when things changed - we became more aware of ourselves and the opposite sex. We started to dream about our adult life - our future selves. We thought about what we wanted to do with ourselves and where we were headed. It's a pretty important time in the life of any person. And now, in the lives of my grandchildren. My how times flies...

Happy Birthday Daisy and Micah!

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