Sunday, June 23, 2013


I was having a conversation with another woman the other night about the fact that I seem to perspire much more profusely than I used to and I ended it by saying "The problem with our age is its difficult to know what is "normal" anymore!"

So true! We wake in the morning with a new ache or pain and think "Did I do something to my leg yesterday? Or is this just a new thing I'm going to have to deal with?" Every day seems to be a new adventure and I totally understand why occasionally someone dies of a heart attack or just diagnosed late-stage disease and our first reaction is "Why didn't they go to the doctor when they had symptoms?" Now I know why. If I ran to the doctor every time I had a new "symptom" I'd be on a frequent flyer plan. Every week brings something new and the questions always revolved around "Is this because of a medication I'm taking? Or is it normal aging? Or should I be concerned about what's happening.....?"

My father used to say that aging was not for the faint of heart and I know what he meant. Its a challenge every day to move beyond the aches that seems to develop all the time. One of the medications I take causes aches in the joints. Really? So if I stop taking it will they stop? Or are these aches just part of life at a certain age? Who's to know?

I have no real idea what "normal" is anymore. Which I guess means this is it....

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