Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time change

I can hardly believe we change our clocks this weekend. It seems as though every few years we move the dates up - when we were kids it was in April. Then it moved a few weeks earlier in April. Then it went back to March. At some point I wonder what the point is?

Well regardless of why the powers-that-be decide to do I'm dreading this move a little. I love having more light in the evening, but I miss it in the morning. Especially since I walk at 6:30am which means we've been enjoying the light this past month when we leave the house, but now we'll be plunged back into the darkness again. It means we need to stick to the commercial area to walk where there are streetlights and sidewalks and we won't need to worry about being run over by some tradesman heading to work.

Well, it will only be a matter of weeks until it will be light again in the morning so I suspect we'll survive it! And those nice late days are going to be fun. Nothing like being able to drive to a meeting at night in the light. I can look forward to that.

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