Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today is one of my sons birthdays and that has me thinking about being the mother of sons. Since I have two daughters and two sons I have a pretty good idea of the differences between raising girls and boys, and I also am fascinated with the differences between them as adults.

It seems as though it took much longer for the boys to grow up, although one was surely worse than the other. The girls seemed more focused and ready to be adults than the boys did. It could be a natural order of things, with the women needing to follow their biological urges to have children and be settled into life sooner. I think an anthropologist could shine some light on this aspect of the sexes, but I have my suspicions in any case.

The biggest changes I've seen in my boys hasn't come from marriage, but from having children. Suddenly they become adults when they have these little lives to take care of, and its refreshing to know that eventually, they are as grown up as their female counterparts.

Looking back I can see the difference between me and my husband way back when we were newly married and now I see it in my children so I think its safe to say, although stereotypes are always dangerous, there are some typical things we can point to that are natural differences. As someone once said however, viva la difference!

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