Saturday, March 30, 2013


At a dinner party recently someone asked the question "What one thing would you like to be remembered for after you die?" And in turn each of the quests pondered it and offered an answer.

Most answers fell along the lines of "I'd like to be remembered as a good person" or something similar to that. I think that is certainly the most common response. Who wouldn't like to be remembered that way

One person gave an answer I really loved though. She wanted to be remembered as a philanthropist. We all agreed that would be a great legacy to leave behind, but it was only later that I appreciated the real perfection in that wish. First of all, it would encompass the wish most people have because for the most part philanthropists are thought to be good people. After all, they had the option of leaving their money to family members but chose to give it away in worthy ways instead - a good thing!

But the real brilliance of that wish came to me later on as I came to the realization that if one would be remembered as a great philanthropist it would stand to reason that said person was extremely wealthy in their lifetime.

Now that's a wish I could get behind!

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Ben said...

I would most liked to be remembered as a friend. People choose their friends and to be chosen is a gift, and those that choose to keep that gift are very special people.