Friday, March 29, 2013


I heard a choir director once complain about how busy the Easter season was for him and how difficult it was to prepare for and then perform at every service offered in the church. It made me smile with the irony because I had been thinking the same thing myself, only there was one big difference: it was his job and he was getting paid to do it. I, on the other hand, as a member of the choir was a volunteer.

Sometimes I think we forget how many people give of their time to help in so many ways in our communities. There are the people who drive for Meals on Wheels and the ones who work at the Food Pantry. There are Rotary members and Lion Club members, church lay readers and choir members, library volunteers, LVIS volunteers, and PTA volunteers. And of course there are fire fighters and EMTs as well. There are literally thousands of people in a community like East Hampton who take time out of their lives to improve the place that we live or assist those less fortunate than they. These are the people who make a community a place with a heart where others like to live. Imagine if we took all those vounteers out of the picture how sad it would be.

Let's see: people would go hungry, trees would die and not be replaced, chidren wouldn't have warmm coats to wear in the winter, flowers wouldn't grow around town in pubic places, homes would burn down, and last but not least, there wouldn't be much music in churches. What a sad place that would be!

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