Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Morning walk

Our early morning walk has changed again. A few short weeks ago the air was feeling warmer and the sun was out earlier and when we left my house at 6:30 it was nice and bright. Now, thanks to a change in the weather and the inevitable daylight savings time, it's pitch black when we leave and lately, its been really cold!

It's only a matter of weeks now when we'll be able to count on the warm morning air and the early sun to make our walks more interesting and pleasant. time does pass quickly and although sometimes we think it's not, it is marching along at a pretty good clip. Suddenly it will be April, and then May, and then we'll need to get out early or it will be too hot to walk at all! It's hard to imagine that right now when our cheeks are burning and ears are red from the cold breeze.

There's something really wonderful about taking a long walk around the village in the morning, when the streets are still ours and we we can trace the seasons week by week and month by month. There's nothing like starting the day with fresh air and exercise.

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