Tuesday, March 26, 2013


One of the real pleasures of being older and having my children all grown and out of the house is that I have a great deal more free time than I used to. And one of the things I most enjoy doing is having a luncheon date with a friend.

Lunch is often a rushed affair while running between appointments or trying to get things done around the house. When I make a date with a friend it's a moment to take a break, sit and relax, and reconnect with someone important to me. It's breathing time. It's a stress free zone. And it helps me remember what life is about - our relationships.

Too often in life we rush around, being busy and trying to keep all our balls in the air at the same time, terrified that if we miss one the world will come to an end. I've learned that now in my old age I need to stop worrying about all those things I'm juggling and just relax a little more. We need to talk more, share more, support more, smile more, cry more, and celebrate more with the people we have in our lives because at the end of the day, when we disappear from this earth, no one will remember which of those balls we or were not were able to keep in the air. But they will remember the person who was there for them when they needed a friend.

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Ben said...

The ones that are remembered are the ones that made an impact. Sometimes we need to drop something to do that.