Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter has always been my second favorite holiday. That would be right after Christmas, of course!
I'm not sure why as a child I loved it so much because there were no presents involved, but I'm sure candy had something to do with it. And of course it was important to the people around me - my mother especially. She took us shopping for new Easter clothes for church, which usually meant a colorful suit complete with gloves and hat as was the custom in the 1950s and early 60s. We dressed for church! We weren't wealthy people so that new suit was usually my one new outfit for the spring and summer and I always loved it. I can remember each one when I look at old photos and I remember the way I felt wearing them! There was the yellow made of slubbed cotton, the blue mohair, the pink knit...lots of memories!
And no doubt my love of Easter had to revolve around another staple of the season: candy. Always one of my great weaknesses, candy was a huge draw on Easter Sunday morning. It still is for that matter and it's no fun not having children in the house to have to shop for in that area!
Of course now I love Easter because of the reason we celebrate..Just as Christmas went from being all about the gifts to a celebration of God's love for us, Easter has gone from being about candy and clothes to a time of gratitude and thanksgiving for the reason we mark this day. Because God's love is the most important thing in our lives and when I wake up every Easter morning that's what I'm joyful about. The rest is all window dressing...

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