Thursday, March 21, 2013


One of the first shows I saw on Broadway - actually I think it was off-Broadway - was Godspell. It had to have been 1971 or '72 I think and it was amazing. It was a small theater with a small combo of musicians that were off to the side on the stage, behind a black fence if I remember. It was intimate and I almost felt as though I were part of the cast as they danced in the aisles and sang their hearts out on those classic songs of the era like "Day By Day" and "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord". I'll never forget it and the details are still very sharp in my mind.

Years later my eldest daughter was in a production in high school and I relived that early experience with pleasure, enjoying it with her all over again. It's a show I always wanted to be in myself, having done high school and community theater through the years, but never had the opportunity to.

Now, my ten-year-old granddaughter is in a production near her her home in Pennsylvania. And again I'm enjoying it vicariously through her, the songs running through my head on a daily basis and the dialog coming to me at odd times. We're trying to get down to PA this weekend to see the final show and if I do I know I'll be singing those songs for weeks to come.

I think that one of the gifts of a long life is being able to re-live the times of our youth and then see them through the eyes of your children and grandchildren.  Whether its playing on a sports team and winning a championship game, or hearing the overture from backstage on opening night of a show, or choosing a wedding gown - these are the things that are made sweeter as the years pass. I'll never be in a production of Godspell but I can enjoy it all with  my children and grandchildren and that's a wonderful thing.

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