Friday, March 8, 2013


OK so I know I'm not the most technologically gifted person in the world and I find a challenge with each of the crazy new things that have come into our lives over the past thirty years since the computer chip was born. And right now the DVR that comes with our cable service is making me insane.

I just get myself adjusted to using the system when they change it and then I need to re-learn it all over again. And the most recent changes are impossible! I don't seem to be able to figure out how to set up recordings in the various ways that have always been available and easy to do in the past. I push buttons and move through menus and search in vain for the thing I want to do but never seem to be able to accomplish it. Recently a show which I have recorded every day so I don't miss it, failed to record and I missed something I really wanted to see. No rhyme or reason for it - it just didn't do what it had been doing every morning for years now. I admit that I felt completely defeated.

I'm not sure whether its all me or if perhaps there is some small grain of truth to the idea I have, which is that there is some great technological demigod somewhere pulling the strings and every time I get the idea that I have it all figured out, he or she tweaks things just enough to throw me once again into the morass of self-doubt. I feel dumb and incapable and I hate that.

Well-here I am again, not quite knowing how to deal with these technological "advances" and feeling like a Luddite  in a world full of Steve Jobs.

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connie thomas said...

i had the same problem, registered my ipad to optonline and you can record from there much easier!!!!!