Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Delayed opening

One of the things that was never done when we were kids was the "delayed opening" at schools. This happens when the schools determine that if they just delay the opening for two hours they can get credit for the school day but it will be safer and the roads cleared for the students arrival. When did this begin and who's brilliant idea was it?

I remember this happening when my kids were young and it was usually more annoying than anything else. Naturally the kids would still be up at the crack of dawn and no one got to sleep in, so there was really no benefit. In fact it made things more complicated as we had to scramble to find alternate transportation for our gang because our system was completely thrown off with the time difference.

Everything does look better in daylight though. And the plows go through and everyone feels safer when its daylight. So I think its a great idea. It makes the difference between having to make up a snow day later or not. And no one likes it when days are taken away from the spring holidays!

Now that its March I doubt we'll have any more delayed openings. But there's always next year!

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