Saturday, February 2, 2013

Country life

I had an experience the other day that was the typical "bad day" story. But it also reminded me of how interesting country life can be sometimes!

There is a Facebook page called "Bonac Yard Sale" and people can post things they want to sell. It's great if you don't have enough to do a whole big sale, or don't want the bother of it all, and I've bought a number of things through the site. It's really a great thing. Well last week I saw a baby seat posted that I wanted to buy because of the little ones I watch on two afternoons a week. Anything to entertain them now that they're four months old is great and the price was right. So I contacted the owner and she gave me an address in Southampton. I told her I would come by Tuesday morning after my shift at the hospital was over.

Tuesday came and in my rush to get out of the house I forgot about my appointment and walked out without the address which I had written on a sheet of paper on the kitchen counter.

Halfway to the hospital I remembered. So I contacted my husband who agreed to run over to the house and get the address so I could call him for the information when I was ready to pick up the item. He did that and I called when I got into my car at 9:30 and he gave me the address: 514 North Main Street. Perfect! I typed it into my GPS and headed toward Main Street and turned left. Down the street, across Montauk Highway, and then I remembered something else: I didn't have enough cash with me and had forgotten to bring a check. Oh boy - how was going to manage this now? Perhaps they would let me mail a check. Well - I was nearly there so if nothing else I would go in and apologize and make arrangements to come back. Sure enough the GPS announces my destination is on the right. I slowed to a stop and looked at the mailbox (we're on a country road now with mailboxes beside each driveway). The mailbox said "502". Hummmm. I looked to the house next on the road and the mailbox, close enough to clearly see, said "516". Well what did that mean? What happened to "504, 506, 508" etc? At that point I was so flustered and annoyed I turned around and drove home.

When I contacted the person who had the seat she said "No idea why the numbers are like that but they are the next house down. So in other words the houses are numbered "502, 516, 514" in that order.

Only in the country....

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