Thursday, February 21, 2013

Butterfly kisses

Last week someone posted a video on Facebook that they had found on YouTube. I rarely watch those things and almost never re-post them, but this one was so beautiful I had to do it. Because it renewed my faith in human love and kindness in a time when we sometimes wonder where those things have gone.

This video is a wedding dance. Apparently the bride's father died the night before the wedding. My gut feeling as that it was not an unexpected death and perhaps he had been sick for some time, but certainly it wasn't expected for that particular time. Her brother got up to talk about the bride's dance and explained that he had recorded the song for his sister and father to dance to, and in his father's place would be some other special people to stand in. And the music started, a beautiful rendition of "Butterfly Kisses" which is a tear-jerker all on it's own, sung by her very talented brother and obviously recorded in a professional studio. The first man to come dance with her looked as though he could have been her grandfather and he lovingly patted her on the back as they danced and she cried. Then her brother took over, then another young man, possibly a cousin or good friend, and finally another older man. I was guessing it was an uncle or good friend of her father's. I don't know who they were, but there was so much love in that room as people cried along with the beautiful bride, that it was infectious and anyone watching the video would do the same.

Every ponce in awhile something comes along to counteract the horror of events like Sandy Hook, and this is one of them. I was go glad to see it.

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