Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Our neighbors are looking pretty good this holiday too. I went shopping in Riverhead a few days ago and enjoyed seeing how our the other towns are putting out the decor.

Riverhead along Route 58 always makes me grateful for our Main Street. The commercial buildings are big and impersonal and although decked out for the season they weren't too exciting. Perhaps Riverhead's Main Street looks nicer but I didn't get over there so I can't say. I like the Main Street there - it's very small-town in feeling and I'm sure the merchants there have done a good job of making it inviting.

Southampton is similar in that County Road 39 is crowded and hard to appreciate, although some of the businesses did look nice. Main Street is stunning though, with lights on all the trees and lots of beautiful window displays.

Bridgehampton Main Street is hard to even see because of the traffic and the attention one must pay to what's happening - I couldn't even glance to one side or the other so I have no idea what it looks like! It was pretty when I drove through after dark last week though, with Christmas trees along both sides of the road.

We also went through Sag Harbor and I must say they always roll out the Christmas spirit there. There is no doubt the small-town spirit is alive and well in the Harbor and never more evident than now, in December. Each store is beautifully decked out and we wanted to go into each one of them. It really is a Christmas village.

I love driving through our neighboring hamlets during the holidays. Next year I'm going to work harder to get to Westhampton and Montauk...

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