Saturday, April 7, 2012

Well in

In remembering an expression my grandmother used to use, we are already "well in" to April and spring in East Hampton. The usual April blooms have already come and gone but the azaleas are in bloom now and others will soon follow. It's a beautiful time of year out here and the neighborhoods are hopping with activity.

I noticed that the lilacs are in bud and always look forward to their appearance in the garden. I did some serious pruning last fall with the lilac bushes because they had grown so tall it was getting hard to clip them, so I'm anxious to see how they'll look this year. Hopefully I did no harm because lilacs are among my favorites. I'm worried about the dogwood tree too because it hasn't looked too healthy the past few years. I hate to take it out because it was planted in memory of one of our grandmothers, but it may be inevitable at some point.

We're still having some chilly evenings, and rainy days I'm still glad to have the gas fireplace to take the chill off the living room, but the heat is definitely off for the year now, not to be turned on again until the first of November, which seems a long way away right now. We may be well in to April, but its only the beginning of "the season" and we have it all ahead of us right now. What a nice place to be!

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