Monday, April 9, 2012

Weeping cherry trees

One of my favorite spring trees is the weeping cherry.  Pink ones are beautiful but the white ones are also lovely. Last week they were all beginning to pop.

When I was working at the hospital I glanced out the windows when I walked down the corridor that was lined with large picture windows. There were two small weeping cherries side-by-side, one in full bloom and one that had not yet popped. I looked at them in amazement, wondering why one would be all pink and beautiful and the other still green. Perhaps one got more direct sun than the other? I don't know the answer but it was an odd juxtaposition.

Later the same morning I was driving past the McDonald's and noticed that there were about six small pink weeping cherries there, but the management had decided to trim the branches all back evenly, giving them the appearance of a patch of giant mushrooms. I made me smile because it looked so amusing, but it was a bit sad too. I love it when the branches reach all the way to the ground in a waterfall effect.  

I miss the big weeping willows that used to stand across the street on Methodist Lane and look forward to the weeping cherry on the green there, growing bigger and filling out more. It's only been there four years now but soon enough it will take off and grow nicely. That will help make up for the loss of the gracious old willows now gone.

Weeping cherries - a sure favorite and a wonderful sign of spring.

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