Thursday, April 19, 2012

Undercover boss

I love the television show called "Undercover Boss". It's another reality type show, where a CEO of a large company goes and works at menial jobs in his company. It's sort of the dream of every working person, to have the one paying their salary actually walk in their shoes and see what it is that they do.

Inevitably, these shows end the same way. These big business people discover things about their company that they would never otherwise know, and of course they learn how hard their employees work and how hard their jobs are.

But my favorite part of the show every week is when the boss calls in the people he worked with and tells them how much he appreciates them, and then gives them some sort of bonus that is enough of a gift that it brings tears to everyone's eyes. Recently a woman who had a disabled son was given a van with a wheelchair lift. Sometimes people are given vacations or monetary bonuses that you know are a drop in the bucket to these big time business people but to their employees they're life-changing.

It reminds me a little bit of the show "Millionaire" that was on tv back in the early '60s. Someone with a lot of money presented an anonymous check every week to someone whose life would be changed by it. It was fictional, of course, but it was every person's fantasy. This show has the same effect, and its real.

I'd love to go undercover myself, but in a small town that's pretty hard to do. Another fantasy....


Ben said...

How much is done for the benefit of television ? And I'm supposed to believe the employee has no idea about this when there is a camera crew following them around ? Entertaining yes but real ? I think not

Downhook said...

Well, the idea is that these people are on a reality TV show about changing careers and the people working with them will be asked to rate them when they are done. I said in the beginning, that only works for the first season though! Soon enough everyone will catch on. And of course I view all "reality" with a grain of salt, but this show has some real moments of reality I think.