Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sometimes things just happen that seem amazing!

Months ago we talked about getting new outdoor furniture. The white wicker we have for our deck is over ten years old now and most of the pieces are showing their age, with fraying edges and sagging seats. We've talked about it for a couple years now, and I thought this would finally be the year to splurge, but then...we decided we needed to replace my car. There goes the new outdoor furniture.

Then, by chance, I was with someone who knew of some outdoor furniture looking for a home for a small price. Would we be interested? Of course! We went to take a look. It's almost identical to the furniture we already have, only much newer and in much better shape. And, with many more pieces. For only a few hundred dollars we could have all this furniture, including covers (which we've never had - we used ugly blue tarps to cover ours) and there was no need to even consider it - we took it!

Now I have more wicker furniture than I know what to do with. I'll be sharing our older pieces with my children, as well as a few of the newer ones because we can't even fit them all on our deck. Talk about an exciting occasion!

Suddenly, summer is looking brighter and more comfortable than ever this year. Shazam!

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Ben said...

Congrats ! Enjoy your new furniture. I'm a big fan of the traditional wicker ! Did you know they know make it out of resin material ? Should last forever but not quite as appealing I think. A subtle difference but different none the less.