Saturday, April 21, 2012


Every Saturday for many years my husband and I have been doing projects around the house. Since we bought this house in 1979, we've torn out plaster walls, insulated, replaced windows, painted, and basically renovated every square inch of it. Saturdays are work days. And our age is definately showing.

Last week my husband did some painting. There's a window that has never been completely painted since we renovated the kitchen five years ago. It's one of those things that keep getting put off and eventually you stop noticing it altogether. So finally, he got to it and worked most of the day scraping, prepping, and painting one side of this bay window.

And paid a price for it the next day. His legs ached from the crouching and his shoulders hurt from the painting. And we talked about how much harder it is to do jobs around the house as we get older. Which is strange to even say, because we don't feel older. I mean, mentally we don't feel older! But physically our age is showing and that hurts! 
We worry about hoe we're going to keep up with the maintenance of the house in years to come, but when we talked about it we decided it was a silly thing to worry about. Because if there's one thing that our age has brought is its the wisdom to know that life is uncertain, and neither one of us may be around long enough to worry about it! And who knows? Perhaps the aging process will slow down a little now and we won't deteriorate quite as quickly as we have been. After all, if we DO live another twenty years, maybe we'll hit the lottery at some point and then we can hire someone else to do it!


JB said...

the wisdom of age has taught me to hire someone for these duties. it helps the economy and keeps me from breaking things including body parts.

Kathleen said...

We have had these same discussions. We don't think we're old...but our bodies are reminding us that things are not what they used to be. Everything takes a little longer. My husband doesn't WANT to hire anyone to help. I think, for him, it's admitting that he's not the man he used to be. For me, it's a great idea because he doesn't NEED to work as hard as that at this age. The difference between the thinking of men vs women, I guess.