Sunday, April 15, 2012

The pond

Well the swans are back at Town Pond but they have a lot of company this year. There are dozens of ducks that seem to have taken up residence on James Lane.

So that brings many questions to my mind. For instance, was it getting too crowded at the Nature Trail? Or do these rogue ducks just want a better view? Perhaps they are like the "village people" who prefer the hustle and bustle of the main roads as opposed to the "woods" people who prefer living where the trees hide them from any prying eyes. Or maybe there is some sort of feud going on down at the David's Lane site, and these ducks left in a huff over some sort of argument or turf war.

Somehow I imagine there is just a problem there that we feel all over the place on the east end:: lack of space. The more ducks there are, the less space to spread out and the fewer ducks who will have waterfront property. Maybe its just about the "locals" feeling pushed away so they've decided to move south. Next thing you know there will be a group heading toward the Carolinas...


Ben said...

The " push " is felt everywhere Barabara. There are those lifelong residents right here in Greensboro that are feeling a little pushed. Those doing the pushing feel they are extending a helping hand. It is all a matter of perception. I have joined the Historical society,as you know, and am trying to integrate myself into the community but I feel with limited success. A Yankee is still a yankee no matter how much I say ya'll and eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast. LOL. Interestingly enough my son with his wife and family are considered " locals ". Go figure

Kathleen said...

We've just had that conversation with another'yankee'. He's been here for 11 yrs, but a coworker told him that until the family has been here for 7 generations, they'll be Yankees. We made a decision when we decided to move, not to join anything that would cause them to resent us. We're not here to make changes. The trouble is, that just being here, and not local, causes changes.