Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I love the way neighbors get reacquainted in the spring. After a long winter of being closed up in our homes, suddenly you see people out in their yards, planting, weeding, raking - getting ready for the season. And there they are - the people that sleep within yards of where you do!

We rarely see any of our neighbors. On one side - to the north - they are only here for the months of July and August. Because we are facing the side of the house to our south, we rarely see them either, because their driveway is on the south side and they come and go out of our view. Barely a wave is ever warranted.

This has been hard for me to adjust to because for nearly thirty years my parents lived in that house to our south and it was like an extension of my own. I walked over regularly to visit, the kids grew up playing in both yards, and Mom would always be in her yard greeting me or waving from her kitchen window. So for these past few years since she's been gone, my world has shrunk. But this fall a niece moved in to the house and now I find myself looking forward to the summer. I hope to see life again in the back yard and around the house and once again, to know my neighbors. That's what life in a small town is all about, really, and I realize now how much I've missed it.

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