Thursday, April 26, 2012

Make up

I think women of a certain age, like myself, have got to agree that make-up is our best friend. The puffy, baggy eyes and uneven skin tone can all be minimized by a little time in front of the mirror.

Last week my daughter stopped at my house early in the morning with two of her kids. I had been out exercising so I was just out of the shower where I had washed my hair. When I heard them come in the door downstairs I grabbed my robe, put my wet hair up in a towel, and headed for the stairs to see them. I honestly don't think my grandsons knew who I was. Well, I think they assumed it was me because who else would be coming down from my bedroom but me? But from the looks on their faces, I believe I was fairly unrecognizable. With no make-up and wet hair, I must have been frightening to them.

It doesn't help that I have no eyebrows anymore. I lost all my hair to chemotherapy treatments three years ago, and everything else grew back - bu no eyebrows. So I spend time every morning drawing them in, trying to make them look as natural as possible and not the straight-line arches that some women apply. Some days I do a better job than others, but on this day I hadn't yet applied them at all and that alone makes a face fairly blank-looking. The kids were rather startled by the vision before them, no doubt about it.

Well I vowed a few years ago never to leave my house without make-up, although I break that vow every day when I go for my early morning walk. Fortunately there are few people around at that time of day and so far I haven't caused any auto accidents, but I do try to get home as quickly as possible!


Ben said...

My sister didn't lose her eyebrows to chemo but she had them tattooed on for some reason.
I don't use makeup myself. LOL

Kathleen said...

LOL, Ben....the opening line reads, "women of a certain age"!

Barbara, I'm learning that my puffy eyes are still puffy after application of makeup...but they still look tons better than without any! I'm careful about its use,though. In my opinion,there's nothing worse than painting on a complete mask with the wrong colors.