Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ina Garten is coming to our next ambulance association meeting. Well, at least she is filming there. I'm not sure how much of her will actually be there but apparently she is filming a segment about cooking with the ambulance members, just as she did with the fire department a few months ago.

I have mixed feelings about this. In fact, I can't attend that night's meeting so I have no worries about being on camera. I'm sure the food will be wonderful but I wonder how much business will actually get done that night. My limited experience with television tells me that there will be more filming than actual business done and in that respect I don't think I'll miss much of anything important.

I don't regret not having my "fifteen minutes of fame" as they say. I am filmed twice every month at my Village Board meetings and I find it disconcerting. Of course Ina will have a national audience, not a local one like I usually have, but still, cameras make me nervous. The ones at our board meetings are pretty unobtrusive, but when I occasionally catch sight of one I am immediately on edge. Am I sitting up straight?  Am I frowning? I don't want people to think I am not engaged or involved in the business at hand. So....cameras bring with them a certain amount of stress. I won't miss being part of the action for Ina's show.

But I'm looking forward to seeing it when the final product appears on television. Because then I can watch my friends and think "They should be sitting up straighter" or "Why do they look so bored?"


Ben said...

We do act different when no one is looking,don't we ? LOL
It is human after all.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, lots of muffins, etc. use to end up in the Barefoot Contessa dumpster in the Schenck lot, because it didn't "look right" for sale.

Just a waste if you ask me. Onlt inn the Hamptons.