Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ice cream

I'm not a big fan of ice cream, unless its the extra-expensive type like Ben & Jerry's or Hagen Das. Except for the summer when I love soft ice cream.

When I was young my father called it "frozen custard" and he was a huge fan. So much so that he and a friend actually built the first soft-ice cream stand in East Hampton, called it the "Cream Queen" and ran it for two years until they sold it. They didn't really want to run it, they just wanted it there for them to eat! And I totally understand. I love the soft ice cream.

I think Dairy Queen has to be my favorite, but I need to go off Long Island to get that. Around here its Carvel, which isn't quite as good as it used to be. I miss the Cream Queen, and its later incarnation, "Snowflake". I preferred the former name but the latter was bigger and more diverse in its offerings.

The only other kind of ice cream I really love is when its used for a milkshake or ice cream soda. It's a rare soda fountain anywhere anymore, but when I find one I instantly crave a black and white soda. Some people don't even know what that is anymore and I've had to explain it to more than one waitress over the years. But when I find one, and the people behind the counter know what they're doing, it's a glorious treat.

A true soda fountain is a rare commodity and I think that's a loss. Perhaps if more people had access to a black & white soda once in awhile, people would be happier in this world.

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Kathleen said...

Or an EGG CREME! Sadly, a soda fountain is becoming a thing of the past. You know what they say, though, 'everything old is new again' or 'history repeats itself'. Maybe they will come back!

As for ice cream...I love it! I don't eat the soft stuff anymore. Though it agrees with my taste buds,for some reason once it's passed my throat, it doesn't agree with me.