Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today is one of my favorite holidays - Easter Sunday. We celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the culmination of Holy Week, a long and somber week of remembrances. Today we celebrate. Today we go from the darkness of Good Friday to the light and joy of Easter Sunday.

I love everything about Easter. I love the bright colors, the egg decorating, the baskets, the beautiful flowers, Easter dinner, family gathering - I love it all. I no longer get to wear hats on Easter because they don't go well with choir robes, but I love the way the church looks with everyone in their beautiful spring outfits and the flowers filling the chancel. It looks beautiful, it smells beautiful, and the atmosphere is wonderful-joyful and upbeat.

And after church the family gathers for a meal, spending the day together. I don't remember an Easter Sunday that was anything less than wonderful. My mother did her best to put together the most beautiful Easter baskets, and her meals were always amazing. I try to emulate her and hope today will be memorable for my grandchildren. I know I'll enjoy watching them hunt for eggs in the back yard!

How special is it that Passover and Easter both came on the same weekend this year?

May you all have a wonderful holiday, whichever you celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to Barbara, Ted and your whole family!


Amanda said...

It was a very nice lunch! My favorite was the deviled eggs! SO CUTE!!!!!