Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have always loved dogwood trees. Especially pink ones. I love their shape and the beautiful big blossoms and I used to dream of having a whole row of them across my property line. So its no surprise that when my husband's grandmother died over twenty years ago, we used part of the $1000 that she left to buy a small pink dogwood tree for our yard, which had little landscaping at the time.

The tree has grown fairly large in that time and was beautiful for a long time, but I'm afraid its time to take it down now. The dogwoods in this area have all suffered from some type of fungal disease called "lower branch die-off" (I think that's what its called!), and despite my efforts every year to prune off the dead wood at the bottom, every year there have been fewer and fewer blossoms. This year, my once lovely piuk dogwood tree has been reduced to a skeleton with only a few blossoms at the top. I'm heartbroken.

Nothing is prettier than dogwood trees in their natural habitat, dotted throughout a forest or woodsy area. And I would love to have some on my property. But this one is going to come down this year. And it makes me very sad.

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Ben said...

I've always loved the story of the Dogwood tree. The white trees. My Grandmother told me that and I hold it special.