Monday, April 16, 2012

Crisis management

There's a new show on ABC called "Scandel" and its about a "crisis management expert". What the heck is that? I didn't even know there was such a career and I want to know why, because I would have been a good one!

Actually, I think most mothers would be able to find a good career in such an area as they deal with on pretty much a daily basis. At least, I know someone like myself who had a big family can relate! With four children - especially when they were all between the ages of, say, ten and twenty,  crisis management was a daily job around my house.

At that point I might get a call in the morning from my daughter at college, in tears because she was late to class and got locked out. After some counseling and calming conversation, it was on to the 4th grader who forgot to bring his instrument to school and the 7th grader who left his lunch at home. Or perhaps it was the 10th grader whose friend was angry at her, causing a major upset in the house. Those kind of days were pretty typical back in the 1990s at my house!

If only I had known I could have hired someone to handle it all - what a great thing that would have been! And perhaps if I need to make a career change, I can look in that area...

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