Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We had a real go 'round with Cablevision last week. We lost all our upper channels and they couldn't seem to figure out what the  problem. We only have basic family service so we're not talking premium channels like HBO - just everything over channel 13, including many of my favorites like TLC and HGTV.

Well, they kept sending techs out and they kept "fixing" it, but as soon as they'd leave those channels would disappear...again. I spent more time on the phone with them last week than I spent watching TV I think. Which got me to thinking about this: what would happen if all businesses ran the way the utilities do? I know in our own business, insurance, if we kept sending checks to clients for losses and they kept bouncing, we wouldn't be in business very long. And I think if the grocery store kept selling me sour milk I might decide to go someplace else., What might happen if my car came home from the dealership and stopped working...again? Somehow, I can't imagine anyone would be able to keep their clients long if they couldn't keep their basic service going. And yet here we are, with no other options here "in the hinterlands" other than a satellite dish, which has issues of its own.

So we are beholden to Cablevision for our most simple pleasures - a little TV to watch at the end of a long day. You would think with as much as we were put out with four visits from technicians and over a week without service, we might get a little bonus from the company. But no. We are their captive audience. Somehow that just doesn't seem right...


Kathleen said...

Did they try to charge you for each of their 'repairs'?

Cassandra said...

I hope that they didn’t charge for those follow-up visits! It sounds like there maybe a damaged cable and it’s still on its last legs, which is why it works intermittently. I’m not a cable professional, but I do work in one of Dish’s call centers and I learned a lot about different ways to get programming aside from satellite. I personally dropped cable and decided to go with satellite through DISH when I learned that the HD picture clarity is far more enhanced through satellite. I hope that Cablevision doesn’t make you jump through too many hoops, because it’s really not right.