Friday, April 13, 2012


The air is glorious this time of the year. When my friend and I walk in the early morning we notice how clean and fresh it is - as long as we stay off Main Street and avoid the exhaust fumes that come with all the commercial traffic at 7am! But head down Dunemere, or David's, or even James Lane and suddenly its like breathing in the spring.

Along with the air is the morning light that I never get tired of. It's so stunning the way the sun comes through the trees as it comes up over the horizon and lays the long shadows across the open fields. The sun-drenched grass is bright spring green and that in shadows a beautiful deep forest hue. And each tree is a riot of color as the bright light sprinkles sunshine in and out of the branches.

It's a best time of the year for we locals here on the East End - before the crowds descend, yet after spring has fully inhabited it. We get to enjoy the natural beauty all around us in peace and quiet and feeling every bit as though its our own little piece of heaven.

I enjoy East Hampton during every season of the year, but this is the time when it seeps into my soul and becomes an integral part of who I am.  I find as I breathe in the morning air I feel as though I'm part of the spirit of this place and it is who I am as much as the family I'm from and the things that I do are. Its a wonderful time of the year.

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