Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday I had many things to do and the snow could not stop me. I drove the ambulance to an ambulance call early as the snow started falling and it was pretty as it covered all the dirty piles of old snow. An hour later when I was coming back from Sag Harbor the roads were beginning to be covered with white, with the wind blowing patterns of froth, all swirls and curls on the asphalt, giving the appearance of ripples on the water.

Back in East Hampton I stopped at home and then had to run to church so I drove slowly down Egypt Lane and turned onto David's, which had a layer of fresh white giving it the appearance of a tunnel, with tree branches reaching over the top to touch above my car. Up ahead a single deer slowly crossed the street, no doubt thinking she was safely in the woods without a human or automobile in sight. It was the very picture of peace and tranquility.

It was a beautiful snow, with big fat flakes taking no time at all to cover the world in marshmallow fluff. Coming in the house later in the day to the smell of a pork dinner in the crock pot was the icing on the cake. I had to bake a chocolate layer cake just to complete the perfect winter day.

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I'm Not a Trophy Wife said...

lovely. We have had so little snow in the metro area this year.
I'm so jealous! We are serving up more lemonade than hot chocolate. It's going to be in the high 50's this week in Denver. Think Snow.