Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Sundays

I love going to the church on a snowy winter day because its never prettier than it is in the snow and, for a few moments at least, its easy to imagine that I've stepped back in time, entering the building in 1866, joining my neighbors in the beautiful pews, and fellowshipping with the community on a cold winter day.

I'm grateful for the heat that the church has now and I don't wish to return to the days when families would bring foot warmers, rugs, and blankets to worship so they could stay warm enough. I'm sure the cold helped them to stay awake during the long sermons that were common then, but having to fill foot warmers with coals to keep their feet from freezing doesn't seem real appealing.

But pulling up to the church must have looked pretty much the same in a carriage as it does now in our car. The snow covers the bushes and grass surrounding the building and makes the roof blend in with the white exterior walls. It's a lot of white, but on a sunny winter day its quite stunning. With the Christmas wreaths on the doors and the green roping around the arched doorway it really is perfectly in keeping with the early Puritan concepts of simplicity and conservatism.

I wonder if my ancestors enjoyed it as much as I do. If I think its a majestic building, surely they did too! I'll be thinking about them as I arrive this morning and I'll say a little prayer of thanks that they decided to settle here all those years ago. How lucky am I for that?

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