Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow mentality

When we had the snow last week I sat in my living room with the fireplace going, listening to the wind howling outside, and thinking about the snow mentality. I had to laugh at myself because there I was with nothing to do - everything was cancelled for the day, Village Hall was closed, the driving conditions were hazardous, and I was not going anywhere, and what was I doing? Wasting time on the computer, just playing.

Now finding a day to do whatever I wanted to would ordinarily send me to work on a closet or the laundry. If I saw an empty day on my calendar I'd write something like "housework" on it and spend my day catching up with all the things that need doing around home. But there I was with a whole day ahead of me and nowhere to go and I was doing....nothing. I was thinking about baking cookies and starting a knitting project. I wasn't even considering a good home project like a closet or floor. What was that about?

I've decided to call it "snow mentality". For whatever reason I look at snow days as "free days" but not for working, for playing. I want to read a book or knit a sweater, bake a cake or make a pot roast. I don't want to clean or organize and I don't want to shovel. Where does this come from?

I'm thinking it comes from childhood when snow days meant no school and no worries. We spent the day watching TV and might make a snowman...if we felt like it. It was all about...nothing. I suppose that mentality has held over to my adulthood because I didn't accomplish anything last week when the snow flew. But I did get a good start on a really cute sweater for one of my grandsons!


Ben said...

I call them mental health days !
They can come around just about anytime. I hear some employers even pay you for those.

Kathleen said...

Starting a sweater for a grandson is accomplishing something,in MY book. It is a gift of Grandma's love. That's my mentality, anyway. As some would think of my scrapbooking the gazillion photos of my family and grandkids...each one has it's own books, which will be gifted to them, when finished. Their lives are important to me now, as they live these things which will one day be memories for them. I think of this as an accomplishment...your sweaters are too! We all need time to be who we are...doing what we want to, just to be refreshed. Mental Health day, indeed it is!

Downhook said...

No argument here!