Saturday, January 29, 2011


We've certainly had our share of slush here on the East End this winter! In a normal winter we get a little snow, it lasts a day, and then melts away and disappears. Sometimes we get more than a little and it lasts a week. But that's a normal winter in East Hampton! This winter has been a bit unusual.

Our pattern this year is snow, slush, ice, slush, ice slush, snow, slush, etc, etc. The snow has been sticking around, turning to slush but then freezing, and setting up a pattern of melting, freezing, melting for weeks at a time. It's been tricky to get around and treacherous for the elderly among us (so far I'm not putting myself in that category, although perhaps others might).

I'm anxious to see the ground again without a coating of ice on it. I want to walk out my back door without worrying about how slippery the deck is, or whether the snow has ice beneath its surface. I prefer the temperatures in the 40s where rain rules the skies and snow is not long to be here.

Of course, this is nearly February, which is exactly when we begin to long for Spring. And March will soon appear on the horizon and hope springs eternal. And this is why I love the seasons - especially here in beautiful East Hampton.

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Kathleen said...

I'm waiting for our Spring, too...I'm tired of high heat bills. Lately we've been hitting the 50's though, so who can complain about that?
Hurry to EH, Springtime...and bloom with hydrangeas for Barbara!