Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I saw a great movie last week called "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth. Now Colin Firth has been a favorite of mine for a long time and I always enjoy seeing him in a movie, especially period pieces like Jane Austin. But this movie really cemented his place in my heart and I'm now having a true "movie star crush" on the man. He was magnificent on screen.

But the real thing that I came home from the theater with was an appreciation for the clothes. I never truly appreciated what a difference expensive clothes make in the way a person looks, but in this movie it was clear who was royalty and who wasn't, not only by the way they carried themselves, but by the cut of their clothes. Colin Firth, who played King George VI looked magnificent all the time. His clothes were beautifully cut, hung perfectly on him, and he always looked impeccably, well, regal. From his beautiful black top coat to his tuxedo and his medal encrusted uniform, he was the very picture of a king and I could only imagine that putting on those clothes made him stand a little taller and hold his head a little higher. Geoffrey Rush, on the other hand, played his elocution coach and was always rumpled and appropriately lower class in appearance, as the rest of us would have been. Oh he was always in a nice suit and dressed as any professional would have been in that era, but the clothes were just different. They were surely cut, as they say, from a different cloth. Perhaps the old saying is true: clothes make the man. The queen's clothes were equally beautiful, with matching hats and beautiful suits to fully encase the royal head, arms and legs. But it was Colin Firth who had the most screen time and it was his clothes that were the most striking to me.

I wonder how I would feel in a designer gown. Or even a cashmere dress coat or mink stole. Especially something made for me, tailored to me, and beautifully appointed. I think perhaps I might walk a little taller and hold my head a little higher as well. And I'd love to find out!


Ben said...

Probably the same way Dolly Parton felt when she wrote Coat of Many Colors.
And yes,clothes do make the man or woman !

Kathleen said...

Wouldn't that be fun? I'd like it for a few minutes...I'd feel elegant and 'regal'. But...I wouldn't feel like ME, the jeans donned, casual gal who enjoys the comfortable clothing. I WOULD, however, be quite grateful to have someone 'fit' all clothes just for my body!