Sunday, January 30, 2011

Personal histories

As I've grown older I've given more thought to the way our experiences in life shape who we are. In so many ways we have no control over our destinies as our personalities and abilities are shaped by things that just happen to us: the country and town we're raised in, the family we're part of, the school we attend, the friends we make, the directions we go and the choices we make when we're still to young to truly understand the consequences. Luck seems to play a tremendous part in who we are as adults and how we view the world in general. Is it "fate"? My faith tells me its more than fate, but I still believe that our life story could have been different if circumstances had been.

For instance, how would my personality be different if had been raised by a father who praised me for the things I accomplished rather than criticize me for everything I did? How changed would I be had I attended a private school or been raised in the city where my friends would have been different and my stimulations changed? How about the people I met as I grew and matured: my husband for instance. If I had married another, where would I be now and would I have children?

Life is such a mystery that I very much look forward to getting to the pearly gates some day where I can ask all those questions and find out, hopefully, the answers to those and many more. There must be answers. The big question is do I really want to know them?

I've had a wonderful life. Best maybe to simply sit back and enjoy it all and not ask so many questions!

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