Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've already begun to notice the days getting longer and its only been a few weeks since the winter solstice. Is that just my imagination - or wishful thinking? It seems to me that the light is lasting a little longer than it did earlier in December and I'm looking forward to the spring light that's only a couple months away now.

I tend to anticipate each season for weeks and look forward to the changes as they come along. I love the changes and I enjoy the first snow as much as I do the first dinner outside on the deck. I love seeing the bulbs come up as much as I do pulling the wool sweaters out of the closet. I want change in my life because I'm one of those people who gets restless when things are too much the same day after day. I want new challenges and exciting things to look forward to.

When I think about it I'm rather amazed that I've been married to the same man all these years. I rarely stay with anything that long and tend to bounce from project to project, always looking for something new. I'm easily bored with a schedule that repeats itself over and over again and would much rather see a calendar that's full of stuff but never the same. I guess we all need some stability in our lives and my marriage has certainly given me that. I'm married to one of the most stable, sane, calm people I know and the fact that he likes the same routine day after day is probably a good balance for my need of change. I find comfort in seeing him walk out the door ever morning with a banana and briefcase, knowing he'll walk back in it again at the same time every afternoon.

I must drive him crazy.

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Kathleen said...

I always say to Mike, "when you've got the best, who needs the rest?"
I think you feel the same way about your husband. Both of them are perfect for us, and in their comical way, they keep us laughing and never knowing what will tumble from their lips from moment to moment. I'm going to stick around for the duration, keep laughing and waiting for the next pun or silly statement! :-)