Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Our beautiful snow has turned to ice for the most part. There is a heavy crust of it atop all the white, and the places which have been shoveled are pretty much a sheet of the nasty, slippery stuff. The days of melting and freezing have taken their toll and to say its treacherous getting around is an understatement. Not the roads - they're fine - but the walkways and driveways are a mess. We need a few days in the 40s to get rid of it now.

Some of the back woods areas are still beautiful though. The snow that fell was very heavy and wet and it looks as though someone came along and just dripped globs of white icing over everything. Some trees are bowed with the weight of it and blobs of ice covered snow cover all the hedges and bushes along the way. The final hours of the storm left a nice fine layer but under that is inches of icy stuff that accumulated when we fell into that rain/ice/snow pattern so common out here on the East End.

I think I saw the number "40" on the weather chart for today and I'm hoping that pans out. A little more melting would be really nice about now...

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Ben said...

Best sledding I ever had was atop that ice encrusted snow you speak of. It was thick enough to support the weight and man would you fly down the hill.
We thought it was like an Olympic bobsled run !