Friday, January 28, 2011


I hate fueling up my car.

I know that's a silly thing to use the term "hate" about, but it just isn't something I want to do and I put it off until I am dangerously low and the fuel indicator on my dash board says "reserve". I hate being such a procrastinator, but there you are.

When I was growing up I thought a trip to the gas station was pretty cool. Each brand had signs offering some special give-away or another. We collected sets of glassware, dinnerware, green stamps and plaid stamps. We were given all sorts of freebies with a fill-up and every one was an occasion. It meant a nice man coming out of the door, pumping the gas, cleaning the windows and checking the oil. Usually he would also chat with the driver, exchanging pleasantries and sharing a laugh or two. They became friends. Often the station also had a repair bay and the same people who pumped your gas also worked on the car when it needed an oil change or brake job. My how times have changed.

Now a trip to the gas station means pumping it yourself, regardless of the weather. It means you usually get back into your car smelling of gasoline and feeling like you need to wash up. It's especially unpleasant when you're dressed in good clothes for work. If you're lucky, there's someone inside a building nearby in case you need to ask a question or buy some anti-freeze. But I think its fair to say its been a very long time since they had bonus gifts to hand out.

Our love affair with our cars has never faltered, but truthfully the gas station visit is not what it used to be. I really hate having to fill up my car.


Ben said...

Worked for a spell at Olympic Heights Service station on the Three Mile Harbor road. More commonly known as Eddie Georges garage.
Charges were handwritten in a notebook on the counter. Wash the windshield,check tire pressure and ask if you want the oil checked. This every time no matter the purchase amount. Remember giving out flatware with a fill up.
Truly full service !
Did you know that New Jersey will not allow you to pump your own gas ?

Kathleen said...

The service of the good old days..ahhhh. The lack of it these days is why I usually wait 'til the little gas tank light appears on my dash. I don't care much for 'self-serve' at the pumps. With gas costing as much as it does, you'd think we'd still have nice people pumping it and checking the fluids in the engine. Ahhhh well...