Monday, January 10, 2011

Energy savers

We have replaced most of our light bulbs with the new energy saver type. You know, the ones that are spirals and have a different color glow. I find them OK but a bit confusing. When I go to Home Depot to buy them there all different styles and I'm never sure which ones are the right ones. Do I want "brights" or "daylights" and what is the difference? There are "soft" ones and "hard" ones and I am lost in the choices.

I also am not happy with the dimmable ones. First of all having to buy specific ones for dimming is annoying, and then they don't work very well. I'm watching one right now that's flickering in the back room because I dimmed the switch a little. When I tried a "3-way" in my living room stand lamp it worked (poorly) for only a couple weeks and suddenly it was no longer a 3-way. I paid a lot of money for that bulb!

I am pretty ignorant of how they work and what makes them different from the regular bulbs. I'm more than willing to do my part for the planet and go as green as possible in my home, but some things are just annoying and this is one of them. And those promises of monetary savings? For the price I paid for all these new bulbs it will be a long time before I see any savings, if ever. We'll wait ad see on that one!

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Ben said...

The energy saving bulbs you speak of will indeed use less. But like any flouresent bulb they contain a transformer ballast. That is why the cost is high.The electronic ballast may one day become a environmental concern and require recycling. There is always a price to pay.