Tuesday, January 25, 2011

End zone

Speaking of pro football and the things that drive me crazy about it, there is this issue of the ridiculously childish displays that take place in the end zone after touchdowns. Do grown men know how silly they look when they dance around in the end zone?

We all know that they're really nothing more than boys in big bodies, but for the most part they at least manage to contain themselves enough to appear mature and responsible. But somehow when they put on any kind of sports uniform they seem to totally regress and become little boys playing sandlot ball in some one's backyard. They dance and they prance, they whirl and they twirl, they jump and they jive, waving the football around in the air like its the torch of the Statue of Liberty. I'm sure they think they're cute. I think they're ridiculous.

There are sports that are more enjoyable to me. Not golf or hockey, but baseball and tennis perhaps. I have a small problem with those little dresses the women wear in tennis, but at least they don't try to disco their way across the net when they win. I consider the uniforms in some sports to be costumes more than anything else. Id like the chance to re-design the uniforms of all the sports and really think in terms of form and function. It could be a nice contest to run. And it would be interesting, for sure.

I wonder what football players would be wearing if it were up to me....


Kathleen said...

Clown costumes?

Ben said...

Get Excited ! That is what I was talkin' about. LOL I agree