Friday, January 14, 2011


I was thinking recently about how different some things are now than they were when I was younger in terms of color. Specifically, color in fashion.

I don't think I ever saw a man wear pink up until about ten years ago. Nor would they wear purple or lavender or any other color that had previously been considered a "feminine" color. I have no idea how the change happened - there must have been a turning point somewhere, like a designer introducing pink to their men's collection at some point, or some famous person - perhaps a male movie star - photographed wearing a pink shirt - but there was a specific time that suddenly it became OK for men to wear certain colors.

It always seemed odd to me that any colors were "off limits" for men to wear. After all, baby girls could wear blue and no one thought that strange so why couldn't baby boys wear pink? But that was the tradition and so it had been for many, many years.

I love color. I'm so glad men wear lavender, pink, lilac and florals now. I've never seen a man who didn't look good in a pink shirt because its a flattering color for everyone, and my husband now owns pink shirts, blazers, and ties. He also looks really good in lilac, as do the other men I know. My feeling is that a secure person can wear just about any color.

So far I've yet to run into a baby boy in pink though....


Ben said...

It all has to do with preceptions,don't you think ?
When I was young no self respecting Bonacker over the age of ten would be caught dead wearing shorts. Men I mean. Now,I see it all the time with those cargo pants things. Just how much cargo do you need to carry anyway ?

Kathleen said...

My 1st husband had, and wore, a soft lilac colored shirt to church way back when. He had others, as well. When I married my 2nd husband 15 years ago, he wore a soft peach colored one, that matched my dress. He's worn yellow, green,pink, and other colors in dress shirts and t's.
How about those wild madras and embroidered sailboat pants some men used to wear? Nothing wrong with fashion for guys. I always thought it was 'boring' to dress little boys...there was so little choice when we dressed ours.

Anonymous said...

"Real Men Wear Pink!"