Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have a difficult relationship with boots. You know, the kind of winter garb we all have sitting by the back door of our houses to use when it snows. I hate them!

When I was younger - like high school - I could never wear the fashionable boots that were in style. They were high and zipped up the sides and although I was much trimmer than I am now, I could not get them to fit me. I have what's unkindly called "piano legs", which are not very shapely and have thick calves and ankles. I strongly identify with Hillary Clinton - she has them too! The other issue was my very wide feet which were hard to get into high boots. Like many of the fashions of the 1960s, boots just made me hate myself.

Now I've gotten beyond the mental issues but I still can't find boots that are comfortable. Fortunately they come in many styles and shapes now and there are plenty of short boots that I can choose from, but there are few that come extra wide. So I'm left to wear uncomfortable boots that hurt my feet - or go without and slip and slide all over the place, risking a fall. When the snow falls and the ice forms, boots are a necessity.

I have two pair of boots at the back door right now. One I will never wear because they're so uncomfortable and I leave them there thinking when the winter is over they'll go to the dump. The other I'm wearing this winter but the minute I walk in the door they come off, first to protect my floors and carpets and second, to give my feet a rest. But when I'm out and about, if you see me in my boots, you can be assured I'm pretty miserable.


Ben said...

The boots we had as kids where those black ones that had the buckles up the front. Probably got them at Brills. Saw a pair the other day and it brought back memories.
Remember when people would wear "rubbers" not that kind the ones that went over your shoes when it was raining out.

Downhook said...

I remember those too! The boys wore the ones with the buckles - we girls wore ones that went over our choes and had elestic ties at the sides.