Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walking II

Yesterday morning was my first time to walk outside since we turned the clock back. Monday it rained so I used the gym, but yesterday it was clear and comfortable and I happily left the house at 6:30 in daylight. It was a mixed blessing.

I didn't have a nice sunrise to enjoy, but the clouds, while dark gray in most the sky, reflected the sun along the eastern edges, beautiful golden yellow and white powder puffs brightly welcoming the day. The sky was the palest of blues as only the early sky can be and the streets were already humming. Cars and trucks flew by - and a nice little gaggle of folks gathered at the Jitney stop, waiting for their ride into the city. I love having daylight arrive earlier and love starting my day by circling around the village and checking on all the activity already happening.

The downside was that person reflected in the windows of all the shops I pass. I literally roll out of bed and into my work-out clothes, eschewing make-up and shower until I get home. I pull a headband/ear warmer over my head and my curls stick out of the top, flapping in the breeze as I walk. I hope I'm invisible to anyone who might recognize me because I look a fright and would rather not run into anyone I know. Yesterday morning on my way home I heard a horn and turned to see a friend waving to me as he drove by. I guess I'm not as unrecognizable as I thought I was. Sobering to be sure...

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Kathleen said...

You don't know how many mornings in the last 3 weeks that I rose early and thought of jumping in the car to find you as you walked, so I could join you. I guess it's a good thing for you that I was too lazy to do so, huh? :-)