Thursday, November 18, 2010

The train

I've lived within a stone's throw of the railroad tracks my entire life. Even when I was first married we lived in my husband's grandparents' old house in Amagansett, right near the tracks. In our next place, an apartment, we were on the other side but within sight of the passing train. Then we moved here which is right next to the house I grew up in and only one house from the tracks so the railroad has been a constant in my life.

When we rented out the bedrooms in the summers (we had moved into our own home and we moved downstairs with our two little girls and used the bedrooms for income) occasionally someone would call about prices and then ask the question "Is it near the railroad tracks?" For some people this was a problem. I never really understood that because its not like being under the elevated tracks in NYC - the trains are few and far between and the house doesn't shake or rattle when it passes. In fact, I find the sound of it rather soothing. In the summer when the windows are opened and the wind is right it can be loud enough to drown out the television, but that's rare and fleeting, and we can't even see it from the backyard anymore now that the foliage has grown so tall and thick.

For my children, and now my grandchildren, the sound of the train whistle was cause for excitement and often meant a quick trip to the front yard with an adult to watch as it rumbled across the overpass. There's a certain romance to trains and its not lost on any of us. I find comfort in the routine sound of it as it approaches, passes, and moves on the the next stop.

I actually enjoy living near the train. As long as they don't increase the schedule...

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