Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It's funny how things like television ads from our childhood stay with us forever. My husband can sing more jingles from the 50s and 60s than I can even remember, but most of them stir memories for sure.

But it isn't only television commercials that stick in our minds forever. When I was young I listened to a lot of radio. That was the only way to hear the latest rock 'n roll records and everyone had a radio next to their bed to listen to in the morning getting dressed for school and at night when were supposed to be sleeping. I listened to 1010 WINS and 770 WABC in NYC and WKBW out of Buffalo, and I can still sing those jingles as well as name the DJs that kept me company so often as a fourteen-year-old.

The other thing that sticks in my mind is some of the unique radio ads from those years. And almost every Sunday at least once in my mind I hear the one for Raceway Park. "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at Raceway Park!" It was a distinctive, catchy phrase that anyone who heard it would remember.

I never went to Raceway Park and I never got to experience the funny car races or the drag races. But I think about them every Sunday.


Ben said...

Yes it is funny how the mind works.I can remember jingles from the fifties but forget where I put my car keys.

Kathleen said...

We often speak about the commercials of our childhood...remembering the products because of the jingles. Todays ads don't give us fodder for memories. I usually don't even know what the product was in a commercial I've just watched! Why?
No jingles!