Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Saturdays

Last Saturday came at the end of the first real chilly week we've had so our main focus was on getting the screens off the windows and putting up the storm doors. The snow blower was taken out of the shed, the final bits and pieces of summer were cleaned off the deck and put away, and the last of the outdoor flower pots were emptied and turned over so they wouldn't freeze over the winter.

We still need to turn the outdoor table and chairs on end and tarp the whole pile of outdoor furniture which is in the corner of the deck under the overhang. It will be safe there until we uncover it all in April.

I have quite a few Christmas gifts left to wrap
and hopefully that will get done today. This
afternoon we're attending a wedding which
should go well on into the night, but this morning
there are chores to be done. Winter is coming.
And we need to be ready.

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