Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thirty-six years ago I experienced one of the most important days of my life. I married the man I've been with ever since.

Now there are many people who marry and stay together for their entire adult lives so I know there's nothing special about that. But what I think makes it special is I'm still happy to be with him. I've known way too many couples who grow apart over the years and I think life has a way of driving wedges between relationships pretty easily. So many things can derail us and there are so many outside pressures that make staying together - and enjoying it - nearly impossible. Life was simpler in my great-grandparents day, that's for sure! But I'm glad to know that it's still possible, with commitment and grit, to make a relationship that will last a lifetime.

For me, it isn't just about two people who fell in love. It was, and is, about a family that started that beautiful autumn day back in 1974. It's about the amazing children that came along, one, two, three and then four of them, each one making our hearts fuller and our souls more connected. We worked hard to nurture our relationship, rejecting temptations as they presented themselves and protecting it at all costs. It hasn't always been easy, but it has been worthwhile and I've never regretted a single day. (Well, maybe one, but that's a blog for another time!)

I'm not sure I'm as important to my husband as he is to me, and I don't mean that in a negative way - it's just that he's always been pretty independent whereas I'm not a loner and I crave companionship. And he's not terribly demonstrative either so who's to know these things? But it doesn't matter. I'm content and determined to stay this way, whatever life may throw at us from here on out. I actually think some of the toughest years are yet to come. But I think we can withstand anything now. After all, we're still here!

Happy Anniversary to my husband! I hope I've made you as happy as you've made me.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, B & T ! Congratulations on overcoming the toughies that life brings along with it. Wishing you many more years together of patience with T's sense of humor, love and true contentment with each other! You are truly blessed!

Ben said...

Congratulations ! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. It is not always easy to "stay the course" but the destination is well worth the effort.
As we age we hopefully mature and understand more of what love really is.